Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am back........

Scary i know. Don't know how much time i will dedicate to this puppy but i will try and if i can get my iphone on board. We will be shizzilin!!!!

If I can take pics with my iphone and then blog to there, waabammm!

Anyway, My life, well it is its usual shit show, shit and all.

I lost my best friend in November (really lost her before that but that story is one of my selfeshness and now being unable to forgive, with the help of one other in that!). I cry everyday for the loss of so much and my part in it. Dont' need to be KICKED by anyone else.

During the summer spent another month in hospital with more surgery and less answers other than I will now need two kidneys at some point.

Hit the hospital back again first week of December and spent Christmas and New Years in there. Awful place to be and i was to ill to be let out for the day for xmas dinner. Sad! Then got home for a few days in January and was sent back again. So i have been home for a few days now and am feeling pretty good and even back to my crafts and that says something. Not the same without my E. But I have a pretty good friend who is trying to let me just cry out the hard parts and to think another someone told me NEVER trust them, yet they are there, everyday in and out!.

My mom and dad what would i say if not to say something about their love, support, care, devotion and everything else above and beyond what a parent needs to be. It makes me cry just thinking about them.

My kids are pretty damn amazing too. Kourt gets worried easy, she has seen me sick since she was little poor kidd. But takes it like a trooper. My older teens are a force to be reckoned with we are really starting to get that big huge family with the girlfriends and boyfriends flocking around. Jamie has been great for Keirra and Sam is Steven's significant other.

We also have our police family who has sent baskets, covered shifts, Inspector Hay (not that he reads my blog) thanks for the consideration in the matter. We have a freezer full of food. This people is what belonging to a police family does for someone! Truly amazing! Thanks you

And last but most definately not least. My husband for without him and mom and dad, i probabley would have given up trying to get answers. Rob you are the most amazing man a woman could ask for (he is mine bunnies.....back off....inside cop joke their) you make me want to get better and be the wife I was and will be again but in the mean time you rock babe. I love you with all my heart.

I will put the kids xmas pic in here I wasnt' there diddn't take it but did edit it......that one is for you Michelle.

Hope to be back to soon with the amazing cards i have totally lifted from Tori Wild the great!