Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some pics for ya!

I figured since photography is also one of my favourite things to do. Along with adding Geocaching to that since June (my husband and youngest daughter are just a little addicted! well really ALOT ADDICTED) So we were out today doing some caches out at the Terry Fox Lookout (we had a travel bug we wanted to throw in the TB hotel and send it on its way). We also did an earth cache and some bushwacking which i can ALWAYS do without. Considering no matter what the GPS leads us in THE HARDEST WAY POSSIBLE and we always see the EASY route after we find the cache. Go is a Miller thing Hope you enjoy the pics, they are SOOC (straight out of camera for non photo bugs) But that face doesn't need much touching up! lol


Monday, August 24, 2009

Sorry for my

Hello Everyone,

So sorry I have been absent with posting the last little bit. I managed to break the monitor on my laptop....dumb...dumb...dumb. I am so mad at myself, my LCD screen is cracked and so I can't see anything. My world, ie/ all my pictures are on that. So I have to take it in and have everything transferred.

Anyway, to give you something to look at I found one of my favourite layouts from last year. This is also special to me because it is the only layout I have actually completed of my wedding (my I have been editing pictures for hours most nights and now I am stuck because of my stinking computer....grrrr.

Well I hope you enjoy the layout and hope to be back tomorrow with October's layout which I was lucky enough to save to my USB. We will be using Sepia pictures for this layout. I can't wait to show you what I have come up with. This Tiffany line from We R Memory Keepers is most definatley my FAVE for this year.

The countdown is on for Scrapfest less than a month away and I am sooooo excited.

Take Care


Monday, August 10, 2009

Sorry I must clarify!

Hey Ladies,

I am in lovely Little Rock, AR. In a huge storm at the moment, the heat is unbearable, but we have had a great time. Anyway, I am just posting to clarify as some of my girls have told me I sound like a drunk and druggy when I posted my last post. I guess I just don't think anyone who doensn't know me would be looking at my little old blog. Anyway my husband is a DRE Officer, which for those unaware is a police officer that is trained as an expert in drug impairment while driving (among being a breath tech- alcohol and Level 4 Accident recronstructionist) that is me getting to brag a little about my That is the conference we are attending I am not the hubby is...ROFLMAO


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here it is.....September's Design Class

Hi there ladies, as I told you after much.....ahhhhh...crazyness. This layout turned out amazing, I thought I had made a mistake by picking this Fancy pants line but in the end am I ever glad I did. Class schedule is not up yet so you are getting a Sneak Sneak peak. The schedule will be up on August 11th, so if you want in be sure you are on the ball that Remember my classes run at the LLS in Thunder Bay Dat's Scrapbooking. This layout is on dispaly at the store if you want to see it IRL. I was in a rush when picture taking and didn't get the two lined up nicely please forgive I gave you shots of either way it can go. I did it to go one way and it the end loved flipping it around....thanks for stopping by.... I will be in Arkansas on the Impaired Drug and Driving Conference so may be absent for the next little bit.

Take Care


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My mojo is a going....

For awhile i thought I had lost it. I had a few meltdowns today after trying to get my design work done and the paper just wasn't quite right. If my paper isn't right that can throw me into a tizzy as the owner and dear friend of my LSS can surely attest to. So September's is all ready to go and as soon as I can get the ok, i will post it for you to see, October is almost there , and November still needs some work, but at least all of my papers are in order now. Jeesh. Anyway, I will try and find a card i have on here somewhere so at least you get to look at something.....Have a great day!
This is a bella wedding i had done as an order, one i put the diamond accents on it wow did she pop, I wish you could see how stunning in look IRL.
Thanks again for looking